Shared workspace with soul

Re work | Re imagine | Re connect

Community hubs that reconnect ourselves and our work to the natural world, to each other, to grow. Connected office facilities for businesses, messy makerspaces for makers, wild open fields for wild children and adults, remarkable events and programmes that reimagine rural and urban living

We innovate around the big and small challenges, we share our table with whomever walks through the farm gate, we listen and deliver with integrity, kindness is at the heart of all that we do and touch.

Image of The Rural Project by Daksheeta Patni 2017

Image of The Rural Project by Daksheeta Patni 2017



"I want to use this space because it bring out the best in me and my work. The sense of openness, the diversity and the immediacy of the natural world, improves my quality of life and therefore the quality of my work. There is a community of people here who are local and from the cities, who share a sense of belonging here, and who support one another despite the diversity of our work. Some days I help in the garden, some days I help with the lunch, somedays I attend the meditation courses, somedays I am tempted to join the young kids out in the woods playing, some days I observe enormous sculptures be carried past our window, and some days I simply plug in to my computer; each day I come home feeling better."

If you would like to help shape the rural project, then please complete our short questionnaire here to give us an idea of how you work now, and how that could change.