Definition of 'field'

Word origin: Old English feld; related to Old Saxon, Old High German feld, Old English fold earth, Greek platus broad

  1. an open tract of uncultivated grassland; meadow; Related adjective: campestral
  2. a piece of land cleared of trees and undergrowth, usually enclosed with a fence or hedge and used forpasture or growing crops  a field of barley
  3. a limited or marked off area, usually of mown grass, on which any of various sports, athletic competitions, etc, are held  a soccer field
  4. an area that is rich in minerals or other natural resources  a coalfield
  5. short for battlefield, airfield
  6.  the mounted followers that hunt with a pack of hounds
  7. all the runners in a particular race or competitors in a competition
    1.  the runners in a race or competitors in a competition excluding the favourite
  8. cricket the fielders collectively, esp with regard to their positions
  9. a wide or open expanse  a field of snow
  10. an area of human activity  the field of human knowledge
    1. a sphere or division of knowledge, interest, etc  his field is physics
  11. a place away from the laboratory, office, library, etc, usually out of doors, where practical work is done or original material or data collected
    1. (as modifier)  a field course
  12. the surface or background, as of a flag, coin, or heraldic shield, on which a design is displayed
    1. Also called: field of view the area within which an object may be observed with a telescope,microscope, etc
  13. physics See field of force
    1.  region of space that is a vector field
    2. a region of space under the influence of some scalar quantity, such as temperature
  14. mathematics a set of entities subject to two binary operations, addition and multiplication, such that the set is a commutative group under addition and the set, minus the zero, is a commutative group under multiplication and multiplication is distributive over addition
    1. the set of elements that are either arguments or values of a function; the union of its domain and range
  15. computing a set of one or more characters comprising a unit of information
    1. a predetermined section of a record
  16. television one of two or more sets of scanning lines which when interlaced form the complete picture
  17. obsolete the open country  beasts of the field
  18. phrases 
    1. hold the field
    2. in the field
    3. lead the field
    4. leave the field
    5. take the field
    6. play the field
  19. (modifier) military of or relating to equipment, personnel, etc, specifically designed or trained for operations in the field  a field gun,  a field army
  20. verb (transitive) sport to stop, catch, or return (the ball) as a fielder
    1. (transitive) sport to send (a player or team) onto the field to play
    2. (intransitive) sport (of a player or team) to act or take turn as a fielder or fielders
    3. (transitive) military to put (an army, a unit, etc) in the field
    4. (transitive) to enter (a person) in a competition  each party fielded a candidate
    5. (transitive) informal to deal with or handle, esp adequately and by making a reciprocal gesture  to field a question

(extract from the Oxford Dictionary 2015) 

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