The anchor for our zeitgeist

The most successful businesses will also be grounded in community and relationship development. In the same way that we’ve seen a rise in longform content and storytelling, we’re craving deeper relationships, in a society where it feels like we have more breadth than ever before. The winners will blend both innovative spaces and places with powerful communities. We’ll see businesses emerge from people meeting at these spaces and events, subsequently collaborating and innovating.
— Erica Berger

Since I gave oxygen to this idea back in January 2015 (and only a minimal stream mind you), every conversation I have, every chance meeting in the street, every step I make enters another fruitful generous imagining of this project and food for thought to the recipient. I am no fool. This is based on conscious observation over the past few years and here it finally blooms. 

Working in collaboration is a refined skill and is often taken lightly. It requires us to go against our default behaviours. I thought I was a natural sharer, hell - the eldest from a large family, living in community and working in coops should have eeked out any sense of self orientation. And yet, I fin myself holding on quite tight to this, fearful of imperfection, fearful of intervention, fearful of losing it before I've really made it. An example recently where I was offered what a couple of years ago would have been a 'dream' position, it sent me into a flurry. Helpful in hindsight, it reminded me I was in charge of me. There was a choice, I didn't just need to follow the opportunity, the fixable, the complement. When one's faults, gaps and unknowns are exposed quite publicly as a sole start-up, my shoulders felt a softer at the thought of doing what I know, what is familiar, what assures me and gives me faith. 

This does, and it will continue to give me and others faith. It's just a little untrodden, a little unworn. It will be smoother, it will become occupied soon.