The push and the pull

The journal is heavy with a struggle that faces me daily, to where my energy is, where it should be and where I choose to go, to focus or not to focus. This quote I found on my desktop has the lively erratic spirit of this conflict and regrettably I didn't include the source. It reminds me too of a wish I often declare as to why there are no songs about project planning, anxiety of a start-up, the roller coaster of management.. 


oh expectation~! you daring devil! My sweet primate brain thinks: Great things need planning! Great things need no plan: they just are!

The paradox!

It seems to be that I can see the ancient olive tree growing in my minds eye... I ask, how can I live each day to help the seed live and thrive? I guess two things: I plant the seed for the future *&* and care for it every day.

Though we may never eat its fruits. It is the labour and the dream that sustains.
Like some divine union between feminine and masculine, flow and structure, do and don’t, heart and head, past and future, earth and sky: the great seed of NOW.

“suffering digs the well, love fills it. what good is a shallow well?” - cling on, lovers! fall on, lovers! Love on, lovers