EVENT: Urban installation of the Rural Project

With a business that has been driven from the bottom up to serve a variety of wants, desires from a range of users over the years, we are hosting a number of events in the planning stages to welcome input to attract a following and showcase the diversity of services we will offer.. all in conjunction with our purpose, to reconnect people with the land and welcome conversations that matter in a space for wellbeing.

This weekend was held in good company at the Open Studios event at Hamilton House on Sunday. We occupied the outdoor terrace and filled it with wild ferns and plants, drew all over the glass, laid out reams of paper to draw rural dreams on, wrote love letters on tags and tied them to the apple and pear trees, hung maps of the land, and its water system in the Bristol, South West area, 'like the veins of the Earth" Daithi quoted. As the 'Banksy' tour snapped the work above us, we hung our hashtag sign to get the word out. (Banksy, if you read this, hi - it was only a few hours and thought you might appreciate the amusing contrast of the grit of your piece on the Stokes Croft riots and the harmony we aim for in our next project)

Questionnaires were completed, conversations were shared about the benefits of working in green space, how the project could make parents happy, visions of your ideal view from the office window, picking your working lunch... 

We heard from storyteller and cartographer Daithi O'Suilleabhain on 'Indigenous Bristol' transferring his learning from aboriginal, indigenous traditions to the place here, and how that approach to connecting to the land through story, has strengthened local fracking campaigns and watershed management in the Bristol region. Drawing from this, Steph Wetherell from Locavore, The Real EconomyBeacon Farms and Bristol Food Producers, shared how our connection with nature and protecting the quality of the water supply also benefits the care and attention we pay to our local food supply. In Bristol we have many artisan producers and farmers, which our project will be supporting too, to ensure Bristol has a scaleable reliable local fresh food supply.