And our first site is... North Somerset

There has been silence from the blog over the past couple of months as negotiations, fears of possibilities and disappointments meant I was quiet about shouting, standing on roof tops, bouncing on our trampoline at the potential of grounding the 'idea' here in North Somerset. An invitation was offered from a nearby landowner under the most extraordinary of circumstances that I will share down the line. 

So here we are. There is a site. It has three buildings, and acres of land. It is nestled between large villages in North Somerset, a woodyard and carbon zero solar company, twenty minutes by car south west of Bristol, accessible by two train stations, a direct bus and a cycle route. It is accessible - and that was our wish. Being the current home for a disability charity, it truly is accessible on site too.

We are navigating complex events, relationship and trust building, sharing our purpose and vision. It is literally groundbreaking and I cannot wait to open the doors to you. This year we will be focusing on the buildings to refurbish and activate them to be alive, super comfortable and befitting the space. Meanwhile the land will be prepared for next years herb farm, allotment and land-based work. 

Groups from the local area are stepping forward, particularly mens and boys leadership work, which is bang on the message of development we wish to enable. We will be hosting and running a start-up social enterprise incubation programme with six businesses on a six-monthly rotation who are from the 'hood, working with the local school and GP Practice with their chronic health patients. Our original intention for a healing and active enterprise space are coming to fruition. 

Robert Montgomery: Light poems

Robert Montgomery: Light poems