If there wasn't a setback, it would make for a dull story

Dear friends and supporters of The Rural Project, 

I have been quiet for a couple of weeks after our plans for The Rural Project in North Somerset fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. Now that the dust has settled, The Rural Project will continue on in spirit with a search for new premises and partnership whilst I put on hold my immersion in the project and resource myself better.   

Thank you those who have already shown such continued belief in the project, it really helps keep the momentum and acknowledges the need for it. As an example, Stir to Action have run a feature on the project in this month's issue, ‘Cities as Counter Power’ which you can purchase here https://www.stirtoaction.com/issues/issue-18

The website will continue to be updated with news, ponders, and events. If you have any suggestions for sites, partnerships, events, or even a coffee, please do get in touch. 

In gratitude


Founder, The Rural Project