Are you a landowner?


Can we rent a field?

Are you looking to sell or lease land near Bristol?  Are you seeking alternative revenue streams? Do you wish to leave a legacy in the South West? Could your land be enriched by more than housing? 

We are seeking to purchase or long-term lease 50 acres of land with part Grade I / II soil for cultivating 15 acres for horticultural growing, and buildings with working utilities. The land is at the heart of this project, indeed restoring our relationship to and with the land, in all fields of work and play across generations is the purpose.  

Essentials: Grade II soil for growing, a woodland or access to, outbuildings with utilities, for light industrial use and cafe, access from main road and public transport hubs, accessible by bicycle 

Preferable: planning permission for extending for agricultural purposes, outbuildings, a view (we have to dream!) 

A sister project, Hamilton House opened in 2008 in inner city Bristol. It occupies a once neglected and vacant office building of 55,000 ft in a resource deprived area, Stokes Croft. We support a wellbeing centre, offices, a restaurant, a shop, dance and artist studios with a vibrant community of 420 users a day.

If this venture appeals to you, it would be good to hear from you. We would be grateful to meet, or send you further information should you have more questions.